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  • SMX5

    Stereo Effect Mixer

    Switch up to 5 of your favorite stereo effects in your studio or Live situation

  • The AS5

    Amplifier Switcher 5

    Switch up to 5 of your favorite amps in your studio or Live situation

  • The Apollo

    guitar Amplifier

    Completly hand made and wired, all tube, single channel, pedal loving amp


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AS3 – Amp Switcher

Select 3 amps

SMX5 – Stereo Effect Mixer

Pro unit, all balanced in- and outputs

Amp Switcher 5

For Live and Studio, connect up to 5 amp heads!


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April 20, 2021 No Comments

Fatdrive discontinued

The FatDrive overdrive pedal is SOLD OUT. There were only 100 made. This product is now discontinued. There will be an successor of course 😉 The FatDrive2 will rise soon…. A dual pedal with lots of cool features.

April 20, 2021 No Comments

RR Audio Solutions

I started R.R. Amplifiers years ago, and during the years my focus shifted from amps (witch I still produce on demand) to more (custom) Pro Audio Tools for studio and- or Live applications. The name R.R. Amplifiers wasn’t a good one anymore since it doesn’t cover what I do. So, form now on, it is […]