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AS3 – Amp Switcher

AS3 – Amp Switcher

The AS3 is the smaller version of the AS5. Where the AS5 is developed for switching amp heads, this baby is developed for combo’s or Head’s and cab’s.

It can switch 3 amps simultaneously or independently. Cool for (vintage) amps in any live or studio environment.

This unit is fully midi controllable, so you can drop it behind your amps, or use it on your pedalboard.

Front panel controls:

  • 1-3: select amp 1 to 3.
  • Mute: mute all outputs.
  • Save: save button for midi-PC mode.
  • midi led: lids when receiving midi commands.

Rear Connections:

  • Input: input guitar of signal from effects.
  • Amp 1-3: connect to your amps inputs (amps 2 and 3 utilize a high quality audio transformers).
  • Phase for amp 2-3: invert the phase for amp 2 and/or 3.
  • 8-Dipswitch to set midi-channel and modes.
  • Midi in and thru (5 pin Din)
  • 12V DC connection to connect provided adapter.