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MLP 4 – Mini Looper

MLP 4 – Mini Looper

Running your effects connected to this unit will be a mind blowing experience. The In- and Output impedances of your effects, will not influence each other as it does in a daisy chain. Leaving a transparent, silent and direct sound.

This is the looping part- little brother of the RR2824 Looper/switcher. Also our state of the art Loops. Same as in the RR2824.

  • Input with our high quality input buffer.
  • 4 unique effect loops.
    • All inputs are RFI protected
    • All in- and outputs are surge protected
    • Every return is utilized with our line-driver to ensure correct response of your effect outputs
  • 4  switches (to select your effect).
  • The MLP4 respond to Midi PC, but can be factory set to respond to CC).
  • Midi channel set with dipswitches on top.
  • Everything switches completely silent for audio. You will hear no clicking or plopping noises! Not even on high volumes and high gain applications!

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