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AS5 – Amp Switcher

AS5 – Amp Switcher

Many guitarists hit the stage with an amp modeler in any kind of way, while other remain loyal to their good old tube amplifier. Both have their up and down sides. Think of the weight and flexibility, sound, feel, etc.

For those who want the flexibility and keep the sounds of their “holy grail” amps, there is now the AS5.

You can switch (silently!!) between 5 amps, and rout it to 3 independent outputs. The outputs can be cabs, or dummy loads for recording/FOH like an OX or similar.

The AS5 can be implemented in a live setup, as well as in a studio., and fully controlled with Midi.

The balanced line out can feed for example your stereo effects. In this way, you can create a 3 way system (Wet/Dry/Wet).

With the AS5 you can independently manage midi or manual operation for “amps”, “cabs/outputs” or “mute”.

Note that the AS5 can only load 1 Cab/output at the time!

Front panel controls:

  • 5 amp buttons to select desired amp.
  • 3 Cab buttons to select desired cab/output.
  • Save button, to save preset in the present Program Control (midi).
  • Mute button, to mute all amps inputs.
  • 3 midi/manual switches, so you can choose independently to let the amps/cabs/mute respond to midi or not.
  • Line Level:  Controls the amount of signal sent from the Amps to the Line Output on the rear panel.

Rear Connections:

  • Input – Balanced 3 pin XLR. (for example IPS6/RR2824)
  • To Amp Input: Mono ¼” jacks. Outputs are floating from ground thru a high quality audio transformer.
  • From Speaker Outputs: Mono ¼” jack. Accepts speaker output from each Amp.
  • Cabs/Output: Mono ¼” jack. Connect speaker/loads. (Selecting the Cab without a proper load, can severely damage the amplifier).
  • Line Out:  Line out can be used to feed the SMX5 (stereo effect mixer).
  • Midi in and thru (5 pin Din)
  • Neutrik Power-con connector to supply worldwide power from 100-240Volts
  • Ground lift (disconnects chassis from power supply ground. (only lift when groundloops occur).

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