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Custom Shop

Custom Shop

Research and development never stops. Always looking for new and better solutions to provide you the tone of your dreams. This can be in the studio or in any Live situation. We can provide you all the right tools to achieve al your musical and tonal goals of your dreams. All problems that you may encounter in your studio or Live situation can be solved, form noise, hum, tonal loss and more. To achieve this, sometimes we need to customize you rig and/or pedalboard.

So, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free intake. During this intake can disscus your disires regarding your sound and/or routing/switching.

We can do whatever it takes to let you meet your coals.


Below some examples of previous work..

Combi Pedal board

Both boards with all balanced audio, and a RR2824 looper build-in.

Controller board…

Both boards fit in one flightcase

Breakout box. with a multi cable from the pedalboards to the back of the 2 Amps.

Complete Studio Rack

Rack designed developed and built by us.

With the AS5, MLP4, MCS8, RR2824, PBO, mMFC and several custom units/interfaces.

Small Pedal Board

With the PBO

Integrated pedalboard