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AS3 – Amp Switcher

Select 3 amps

SMX5 – Stereo Effect Mixer

Pro unit, all balanced in- and outputs

Amp Switcher 5

For Live and Studio, connect up to 5 amp heads!

PBO Pedalboard BreakOut

Intelligent Breakout box for your pedalboard!

RR2824 Looper/Switcher

The ultimate Looping/switching system availible!

PDI – Passive DI box

A high quality passive DI for guitar with a high quality audio transformer!

BGL – Balanced Guitar Line

Long cables with no signal-loss or noise

IPS6 – Input Selector

Versitile unit to rout 6 inputs to 2 different outputs

MCS8 Midi Channel Switcher

Selects your amp channels with Midi!

MLP 4 Mini Looper

The little brother of the RR2824

mMFC (mini) Midi Foot Controller

This very heavy duty mini Midi Foot Controller, can suit almost every professional situation when controlling Live or Studio setups.

Custom Interfaces

The interface to match your needs and wishes