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PBO – Pedalboard BreakOut

PBO – Pedalboard BreakOut

As the name suggests, it is meant as a breakout box on your pedalboard, but has a lot of (surprising) features!

The PBO can be used flexible with an Amp that has an effects loop, but…also when your amp doesn’t have an effects loop. Without making any adjustments or flip a switch. You just connect (or don’t)  the Amps effects loop to the PBO, resulting that the Post loop on the PBO is either in the Amps effect loop, or in chain with your Pre effects in front of the amp.

This professional Pedalboard unit features:

  • High quality input buffer.
  • Isolated tuner out. (Keeps tuner out of the signal chain!)
  • Our Silent Mute switch. (also for silent tuning)
  • Connections for Pre- and Post-effect chain.
  • Returns from Pre and Post utilized both our high quality Line drivers.
  • Everything switches completely silent for audio. You will hear no clicking or plopping noises! Not even on high volumes and high gain applications!