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SMX5 – stereo effect mixer

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When you want to add stereo effects to your dry sound, you have many possibilities. With this 2HE rackspace unit, you can mix up to 5 (pro, +4dB) stereo effect units in an 3way (Wet-Dry-Wet) system. (All in- and outputs are balanced, and midi controllable!) Main in- and outputs have high quality audio transformers.

And yes, this Stereo effect Mixer can be used Live and/or in the studio. And has on board features that will be very handy both live and studio! There are two separate stereo output sections that can feed stereo (tube) amps (in a live set, or a monitor set in the studio), and a balanced output set that can feed the FOH (or your recording device). The balanced output have a analog cab-simulation on board.

With midi you have control to feed the effect units with signal.

Front panel controls:

  • Input level. Sets the level of the balanced input.
  • VU-meter to monitor the incoming signal.
  • 5 Effect buttons to select desired effects.
  • Save button, to save preset in the present Program Control (midi).
  • Midi/manual switches, so you can choose to let the effects respond to midi or not.
  • Line Level (out 1):  Controls the amount of Stereo signal to the floating outputs on the rear panel.
  • Line Level (out 2):  Controls the amount of Stereo signal to the(compensated balanced outputs on the rear panel.
  • 2 mute switches. Manual mute an stereo output.
  • Meter read switch. Select which Stereo output you want to monitor.

Rear Connections:

  • Input – Balanced 3 pin XLR. (for example AS5)
  • Direct out: TS ¼” jack. Buffered direct output.
  • Effect Sends 1-5: TRS ¼” Jacks, balanced audio. To effect Inputs. Can also be used to feed unbalanced effects with a standard Mono (TS) ¼” jack.
  • Effect Return 1-5, left and right: TRS ¼” jacks from effect outputs. Also TS connection (unbalanced) can be connected.
  • Out 1, Left & Right: Outputs (TS- connection) are floating from ground thru high quality audio transformers.
  • Out 2, Left & Right: Compensated (analog cab simulation) balanced XLR outputs thru high quality audio transformers.
  • Ground lift (disconnects chassis from power supply ground. (only lift when groundloops occur).
  • Midi in and thru (5 pin Din)
  • Neutrik Power-con connector to supply worldwide power from 100-240Volts

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